The proposal presented aims to bring together the 3 buildings around the courtyard, inhabiting the interior of the block communally and introspectively, at the same time, due to the existing relief.

By preserving all the volumes, a cafeteria is created in the lower area of the lot, on the floors 0 of the buildings facing the West street. This location gives the cafeteria an operating autonomy (loading and unloading) and access, allowing it to be experienced by the local housing, as well as the outside. The remaining floors are composed of 3 lodging units each, an access core and technical areas.

The courtyard, unifying element of the project with its different environments, becomes an haven in the center of Funchal.

Location: Funchal, Madeira island, Portugal
Date: 2015
Architecture: Landmark Arquitectos
Collaborators: Joana Ferreira
3D Images: Landmark Arquitectos
Plot Area: 1550 m2
Gross Floor Area: 2062 m2