A careful reading of the functional program, the attention given to the rehabilitation of the Convent as well as the suitability for the site and land topography were the basis for the design of a system organized around three cloisters.

More than a compact volume, which would compete with the scale and presence of the Church and Convent, we proposed a combination of three generous outdoor spaces, partially covered, and able to accommodate all the recreational activities of the School program.

The system is designed from an ample platform, leveled with Telheiras road and with the cloister of the former convent. This assures the views to south and enriches the future living areas and playground of the school with an environment that is both intimate and open to the surrounding urban landscape.

Location: Lisbon, Portugal
Date: 2012
Architecture: Moisés Rosa, Arch. with Karolinne Alves, Arch. and Tiago Farinha, Arch.
Landscape Architecture: Bound-ap, Maria João Fonseca, Arch. and Armando Ferreira, Arch.
Structures: Factorial, Desenvolvimento Integrado de Projectos e Construções, Lda.
3D Images: Onstudio