The project is based on two structural elements: a platform that designes the entrance and common areas of the hotel, and a volume above the platform that includes the bedrooms.

Taking advantage of the terrain with a slop between the main route and its rear, we propose the construction of a slab / platform that allows the creation of a leisure and sports area leveled with the street, and a service and public area in the lower level.

The volume rests on the slab / platform and it aims to set two different times, two realities. One of them is based on the front facade that relates to velocity, the road and a more abstract and homogenous character, while the other is connected to a time of enjoyment and leisure, characterized by a grid that reveals the rooms and enjoys the view to the garden.

Location: Menongue, Angola
Date: 2014
Architecture: Landmark Arquitectos
Landscape Architecture: Bound-ap, Maria João Fonseca, Arch.
Specialities: Proficonsult – Projectos, Fiscalização e Consultoria, Lda
3D Images: Landmark Arquitectos